Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Skill!

the 4th was a busy weekend! I noticed on Saturday that Parker was sitting in the living room and I asked Taylor, "did he sit up by himself?" "Yes, mom, he does that.." Hmmm...so then after nap when I came upstairs to get him, he was sitting!!! Over and over this weekend he went from sit, to crawl, to sit...YEAH! I recognize this is a small step, but so exciting! And then yesterday he was standing in the crib! He's been trying to pull up on things, but from his stomach using his arms only to pull, so my guess is now only a matter of time before stair gates need to go back up. So, here's a question...we started using kinesiology tape on his abs at the recommendation of his PT (I wore it on my biceps for a day to see if I could "feel" it). All of a sudden he is using his legs to crawl and the pushing up to sit happened! Probably a fluke deal, but maybe there is something to the psychology of the kinesiology tape! That and the NACD crawl boot camp, the PT/OT and constant practice maybe...If nothing else, he is in good company..the Olympians use it, LOL..forgive the "30 day shred" workout tape...I have to get my workouts in, Parker and I love that Jillian Michaels :)

Some pictures from the 4th..a great long weekend!!! I know Taylor seems absent in the pics, he is usually at baseball, so pics with him these days are few and far between. Mallory is refusing to smile, she is about to lose her top tooth, wish it would come out already! Tomorrow we have an ortho appointment..maybe he will "help" it come out, she won't let me touch it!

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