Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Evening Two

I snuck out to Fannin while Lara and Parker slept to get some "real air". The Med Center really does close down after 8pm - even the smokers are gone. i just had to get out for a while.

I have a funny story to tell - Parker had to take some oral medicine tonight and the nurse held him for a moment -mistake....He put it right back down her shirt. So, while I was leaving I heard some of the other nurses ribbing our nurse about having to change clothes.......

Parker is doing great.....almost so well that Lara and I feel strange. We really do feel the Lord's touch on Parker. He is such a trooper. We appreciate everyone's prayers and all of the help we are getting. By no means are we "out of the woods", but Parker is meeting all of the milestones in very quick order.

I would give all the praise to God in what has transpired in the last 36hours. It seems like a week, but it has not even been 2 full days. Hours seem to creep by inside the hospital.

The nurses are used to picking these babies up, for us it is like holding a glass doll. We are senstive to the littliest of things and are so worried about "tangling the tubes". We'll get used to it in the next few days. We need a little Grandma MA touch also - Lara's Mom. She is covering the home front along with Aunt Dorothy and Grandpa Rich.

We ask for continued prayer for a couple of things:
First, that the chest tube comes out tomorrow - a BIG milestone - means we go home 24 hrs later. Secondly, Maddie has a fever and that she gets better by the time we arrive back home.
Third, safe travels for Uncle Matt - he left today. It sure was nice seeing him and having him here for a few days. Lastly, that Mom and Dad take whatever slivers/shifts they can and get some restful/peaceful sleep.

Good night and God Bless - we hope all is well with you.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the good news! You are almost there. So glad your Parker is doing so well.

    Tammy and Parker


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