Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 2

Wow!!! Mom and Dad got some sleep at the hotel last night - per our the staff's orders - and we got back up to ICU around 6:30 am. To our amazement, a couple of tubes were gone. Then, as the morning progressed, a couple of more tubes went away. Then, we heard rumblings of moving later to 15 (15th floor - GOOD). Then, Lara got to breast feed and Parker became much more lucid......

It is now 11:30am and we are in our own room on 15th floor. The two chest tubes are all that is left and Parker is breast feeding for the 2nd time. Can I say, AMEN..........There is talk that tubes could come out tomorrow or Thursday. Discharge, provided no setbacks, is usually 24hrs later. Friday IS a possibility!

Pictures (less graphic for those that I emailed directly last night) will be posted later today. EVERYTHING at this point is good news. Off to hug my boy......

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