Friday, April 30, 2010


"Quit quarreling with God! Agree with him and you will have peace at last! His favor will surround you if you will only admit that you were wrong." Job 22:21 (LB)

Surrender has been coming up the last week in my life at every turn...on the radio driving to carpool, Dr. Tony Evans is discussing surrender...daily devotions have been on surrender...the kids Bible homework has been on surrender...gee, Lord, are you talking to me? Sometimes hitting me on the head with a 2x4 might be easier. I hate that I am so stubborn! Read what Rick Warren says about surrender...

"The heart of worship is surrender. Surrender is an unpopular word, disliked almost as much as the word submission. It implies losing, and no one wants to be a loser.

Surrender evokes the unpleasant images of admitting defeat in battle, forfeiting a game, or yielding to a stronger opponent. The word is almost always used in a negative context. Captured criminals surrender to the authorities.

In our competitive world we're taught to never quit trying, never give up, and never give in - so we don't hear much about surrendering. If winning is everything, surrendering is unthinkable.

Yet, the Bible teaches us that rather than trying to win, succeed, overcome, and conquer, we should instead yield, submit, obey, and surrender.

And by surrendering to God, we enter into the heart of worship. This is true worship: bringing pleasure to God as we give ourselves completely to him.

Surrendering is best demonstrated in obedience, cooperating with your Creator. You say "Yes, Lord" to whatever he asks of you.

In fact, "No, Lord" is a contradiction. You can't claim Jesus as your Lord when you refuse to obey him. Peter modeled surrender when, after a night of failed fishing, Jesus told him to try again: "Master, we've worked hard all night and haven't caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets." Surrendered people obey God's word, even when it doesn't make sense." (This one is really tough, speaking from personal experience...)

"God is not a cruel slave driver or a bully who uses brute force to coerce us into submission. He doesn't try to break our will, but woos us to himself, so that we might offer it freely to him. God is a lover and a liberator, and surrendering brings freedom, not bondage. When we completely surrender ourselves to Jesus, we discover that he is not a tyrant but a savior; not a boss, but a brother; not a dictator, but a friend."

This last week has been filled with opportunities to surrender, Mike and I are exploring some non-traditional therapies/protocols for Parker and the weight of these decisions is very heavy. We are re-evaluating his current "schedule" of therapies and trying to assess the effectiveness of his current therapies and/or the providers. Sometimes just because we are "supposed" to do something doesn't mean we should do something. I realized that surrender is the answer, praying in petition, with thanksgiving, surrendering to what doors the Lord opens and CLOSES.

Parker continues to thrive, bringing joy to every moment. We press on, keeping our eye on the eternal prize, reminding ourselves that we are just visitors here on earth.



Saturday, April 17, 2010

Up, Down, Up, Down...

Up, down, up, down, up down....again and again and again...all 4's, yoga downward dog, pushup position..all around...this is what Parker spends his days doing these days..who knew it took so long to crawl! We had our first PT eval this week and the therapist was impressed. She said she couldn't believe he had not had PT. Parker has wonderful sitting posture (which is apparently important - trunk strength) and she explained that what I think is weird (push up/yoga pose) is precurser to walking his hands up to stand(forgive the pics minus pants, bare feet are better, less slipping). So, we are glad that these are all steps to freedom! We are hopeful that they all come at once, LOL. In all seriousness we got homework exercises and they were a welcome addition to our routine. He is working on pulling up and actually does pretty well although he doesn't have the strength to hold himself up alone yet. Funny, how I never considered "working" at these things with the other kids. I have a different kind of appreciation for everything these days!

Parker has a new best friend, Shane. Shane has always laid near him guarding/watching him during play, but Parker is figuring out how to reach him as he works his way down from sitting to all 4's. SO, we take full advantage of teaching him how to "pet" not "pull" kitty's tail and making our animal noises..kitty..meow...

This week I turned 40! Yikes!!! It was a super special day with friends and family! Not all the kids made it in the pics, but thought I share a few. Mike and I are off to Hilton Head this week for a few days. Looking forward to a few days away!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Parker's First Easter (in pictures)

We had 4 days of Easter celebration, kids were out of school Friday and Monday; a nice long weekend that began with Grandparents Day at school last Thursday. I come to cherish those long weekends when we have time to breathe and have no activites!!!

First we went to visit the Easter bunny..notice no pictures...note to self 4 kids is too hard...dyed the eggs with Grandma and Grandpa....then we went to an Easter egg party at a friends..pinata, confetti eggs, and an egg hunt! Fun was had by all despite the heat (we went from breezy mid 70's to muggy 80's overnight) and Easter service/bruch on Sunday followed by an afternoon in the pool! Parker had his first basket which he promptly "dumped" and "wore" although he wasn't happy once it was on his head! Plastic Easter eggs abound all over the house, the girls have hid and re-hid the eggs over and over again (let's just hope we have all the candy out) and I am sure I will still find them under the couch at Christmas (our cat is equally taken with the eggs and loves "batting" them everywhere)!!

Sunday service was beautiful. As most of you know I am inspired by music and Sunday the praise and worship was like no other. Reminded me of the promise to come; praising Jesus in heaven with the angels! I continue to put my hope in the "unseen" and thank you Lord for the miracle of the resurrection!

God's blessings to all!

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