Friday, July 23, 2010

Discharge Orders!!!!!

Rejoicing, rejoicing, rejoicing!!! 3 wet diapers later and we have DISCHARGE orders!! They said we will be out by noon.So, 72 hours after open heart surgery and we are going HOME! Makes me tear up thinking about it! I'm not sure I've ever asked anyone to pray for pee before, but I know God hears even the littlest of prayers! I am one tired Momma, up all night (I know Mike posted they start early, but he slept thru most of the night and missed all the fun) syringe feeding Parker water and expressed breast milk is not an easy process in addition to his normal feedings. I have a permanent cramp in my back, neck, and my biceps (despite the lack of Jillian Michaels) feel exhausted. The report on Parker is fantastic, echo shows NO leakage of the valve, CBC, thyroid and all other labs "perfect" (Drs words), as were xray. Parker has already started rolling over to tummy and pushed to sit (did it at 5am in bed and I about had a heart attack waiting for his chest to explode or him to scream in pain) so he is physically gaining his strength quickly. He is only on Motrin every 6 hours for pain.We will be housebound for some time and while we would love everyone to come and see us we will still be on "germ patrol." We need to stay illness free. Parker has an amazing immune system, but continue to pray for his strength. Add a prayer for our house as Madeline has had a low grade fever for the past few days. Grandma has bleached and scrubbed to kill and germs.More later, but for now a picture of him eating his cereal this am...


  1. YAY!!! I know you will be sooo happy to be home!

  2. Wow - that is INCREDIBLE! Nice job Parker!

  3. Lara, I'm so glad things went so well!! Have a safe trip home and look forward to reading about Parker with his repaired heart!!

  4. I am so happy to hear this wonderful news! We will continue to pray for Parker for a speedy recovery!


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