Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Last Post Surgery Day!

last update for tonight..Parker's breathing tube and NG tube are gone. He is sleeping now, intermittent periods of waking, just had a good one while another NICU baby was crying..even got a smile! They may give him some clear fluids tonight and hopefully we can hold him and i can feed him in the late morning. Things look positive to move to the 15th floor early afternoon, so pray for an uneventful night and no complications. Mike and I are going to get soem rest. This has been a marathon day and tomorrow we need some sleep. The prayers have been precious; we certainly feel God's loving embrace! Two pictures from today, one from right before they took him back and one tonight. The Drs told us how loving he was today in prepartion for surgery, lots of hugs, cuddles, and sweetness. They said they wished they had asked us if they could take pictures, apparently they don't get a lot of hugs..go figure!

Trusting and thanking God for his goodness!


  1. Great updates. Glad everything is going so well. Praying for a continued speedy recovery!

  2. Praising the Lord for a successful surgery!
    Still praying for a speedy recovery (and rest for mom and dad!)

  3. Oh sweet boy! Love that picture of Parker before surgery - what a cutie he is. Happy to hear things went smoothly. Here's to a good night sleep for all.

  4. I have just found your precious boy due to all the pray for Parker posts going around blogland. I was able to say a prayer last night and this morning for him. I am already in love. I can't believe that precious smile that he has. I have a little girl with Ds who is a year old (3/29/08)...do you think he will like older women? So thankful that everything went well today!!

  5. So glad Parker is doing well!


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