Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ds and Alzheimers

For the most part this blog is a personal journey...I try not to hit the more "difficult" moments too hard, but this video came thru and it needs to be posted. I spent last week at a fundraiser for Ds, met the top researchers in the field and we talked about new and promising clinical trials that are on the CUSP of funding. Here is the reality folks, many parents do not know that the chemistry of their child's brain is accumulating ameloid plaques at an alarming rate and they are predisposed to Alzheimer's at a MUCH younger age. While I know this isn't what many parents want to hear about their precious baby, you need to watch this video and be educated. You need to get involved and more importantly we as parent groups NEED to be action oriented to supporting these trials and efforts post-haste. As a community we tend to be silent and not ask for trials, please be informed and get involved. For those of you that read this blog because you are friends and family, know that this research is equally as important for the general population. What you may or may not know is this Alzheimer's research effects the general population as well. Every penny counts. Look at my baby's face, don't let him be one of the statistics. and

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Funny Faces..

Parker has been keeping us all entertained lately. He's got several new faces...usually they go right along with what he has "up his sleeve." There is the "I'm about to do something sneaky, are you watching?" "What do you mean no?" The "I'm busy avoiding you look.." and the "yes, I know I'm cute look.." He's definitely got the potential for "terrible twos" although we are working hard to keep them at bay. Funny, the other kids didn't go through them until 3-4, in Parker's case we might be early! Notice I DID cut the wispy hair, note to self, take child to a professional...
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