Saturday, July 24, 2010

HOME sweet HOME!

Day 4 after open heart surgery...seriously, one would never know what this child just endured!! He was hysterical last night, chatting, crawling, and pulling up everywhere. I (Mom), am a nervous wreck! Not sure if it is just being on the other side of this journey, but the surgeon's discharge nurse scared me more about things we CAN'T do and what we don't WANT to happen (not that she thinks it will) more than the surgeon did about the surgery! First and foremost, NO child visitors (other than sibs and those are to keep a safe distance) and no public places for 6-8 weeks. She went on to make a list; church, store, Walmart, sporting events, birthday parties, school, family reunions, grocery store, mall, etc..basically full on home quarantee. She said one doesn't want that newly reparied heart to be compromised by any infection. We are to report back if any signs of fever, feeding problems, illess, fatigue, pain, redness, ooze, or drainage from incision (more about that another day), increased work of breathing, or chest pain. Then she told us that he needs to be in the car seat strapped correctly in case we have a car accident on the way home. WHEW! We are to keep the incision from getting wet (seems like a no brainer), but that means no spillage from feeding and even his own drool, not normally an issue, but as luck would have it he seems to be acting like he's cutting tooth! So, he wears a bib at all times but sleeping now. The nurse told us we are to "scoop" him, not pick him up under the arms, but that he can do what he wants physically. Well, let's just say he isn't any different than he was Monday! We thought he might be a bit cautious, but not a bit. He is crawling and pulling up on everything. I dreamt all night about his chest having some weird injury from all of this movement. I am hovering like never before. The only real problem would be trauma to the chest like falling on something (like coffee table or hard toy) while playing. We worked so hard to gain these skills and I was so afraid he'd forget them, but now I feel myself GASP everytime he does them! The nurse said kids know what they can do and won't do what hurts.

Many have asked what kind of pain meds he is on, you will be amazed to know only infant ibuprofin 2x's daily. amazing, huh?

Mike's post was so right, being home and seeing the kids can't be put into words. It was short lived with the kids; Mike, Taylor, and Mallory left for Tyler yesterday afternoon. You may recall Taylor's baseball team advanced to state the Sunday before surgery. State is this weekend. I almost cried hugging Taylor yesterday. It hurts my heart not to be there for him and I missed all of the sectionals games too. I've missed games before, but none so important as this. I know he understands, but nothing makes me prouder when he has a great hit or play and he looks to me in the stands and smiles from ear to ear. I am hoping someone will have their camera there and capture a few Kodak moments for me. Madeline spent the night at Grandma's and she and Grandpa left this morning for Tyler. So, a quiet house, just Parker and I. While I miss them terribly it probably is best to have the weekend to rest without them. I can rest and focus on Parker without feeling guilty for neglecting the other kids. I'm not comfortable leaving Parker to play alone or with the other kids in case an "accident" were to happen. Mallory is notorious for picking Parker up and I've had the "talk" about the importance of this now. One of the other rules on the "list" from the surgeon is "Supervise play with other children AT ALL TIMES." Good thing school starts in a few weeks, Grandma and I are going to be doing a lot of sitting on the floor!

We see the Cardiologist in 2 weeks and his Pediatrician too. But, the echos and other tests at hospital show a perfect repair. No leakage from the valve which is truly amazing! Dr. Fraser has an amazing gift
and he is passionate about helping children. We know that his hands were guided by the Almighty physician. I don't think anyone truly can understand that statement unless you've walked in our shoes.
My prayer is those of you reading don't ever have to understand what I mean, but I also know that if you do, "nothing is impossible with God."

I added some new pictures from the hospital on discharge day and the ride home as well as from this morning.

GO RED RAIDERS! Game time 8pm. Taylor, Mom loves you and so does Parker! Go big brother!!! XO


  1. Congrats on being HOME!! I think the hardest thing post OHS was having to scoop Max up for 6 weeks. Those pictures of him crawling seriously made me cringe to think what just happened - but they say those wires hold the chest together so well, the major pain was from the chest tubes. So bizarre. These kiddos never cease to amaze us!!

  2. Yay Parker!! What a strong little boy you are!! :)

  3. Oh, that is such good news!! I'm so impressed that he got to come home 72 hours after open heart surgery - you all are very blessed! Post-op and recovery can be a scary time, but yall have gotten off to a great start! Sounds like nothing can keep him down!


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