Sunday, August 1, 2010

The "Zipper"

wow, serious neglect to the blog! Seriously, we have been enjoying being home!!!! I did a better job at the caringbridgepage last week, so sorry! So, Tuesday we got the stitches out and saw Parker's Cardiologist who I love. She said everything looks great. We see her again on the 25th of August. Parker sees his Pedi on August 9th. I have finally peeled all the steri strips off his incision and so here it is. Forgive me for those of you that don't want the graphic details, too late! For 1.5 weeks post surgery I am impressed. The scabs are gone for the most part and I think by the 9th I can start working on mederma or some home remedy to minimize the scar (leave me a comment on what works best please). Being home we forget about the surgery at times, but the scar will bring you back home to what he endured. The chest tube area is still scabbed, so I have bandaids on them for now. And Parker can only have sponge baths, so forgive the adhesive gunk everywhere too. I have the adhesive remover squares they gave me at hospital, but goo gone seems to be better. I will work on that next week, Parker doesn't like sitting still for me to pick the adhesive off. Imagine that!

Parker is on no meds, I quit the ibuprofin on Wednesday, just not necessary. He's had no issues with his schedule. Back on schedule for naps and bedtime. We are feeling much more comfortable with his activity and not so worried about him hurting himself. Interestingly enough he is pulling up on everything. He had started this before surgery, but now he is really interested in pulling up on things. He is cutting a tooth on the top front so he's biting everything too.

Two more weeks and the kids are back to school! The summer was quick with baseball and surgery. Hopefully this fall or holiday season we can take a late vacation. We shall see how things progress.

Parker and I are at home listening to live broadcast of church since we can't go in person. Our church has the most amazing worship and creative arts teams and the music is so inspiring. All of you know how music is so impactful to me. Parker has that same love for music! He is singing and dancing to the music. Such an appropriate song for today...

"And the cry of my heart is to bring you praise! My soul cries out! From the inside out Lord my soul cries out. Everlasting your light will shine when all else fades! And the cry of my heart is to bring you praise!"

Words aren't enough to express our gratefulness to each and everyone of you that have prayed and cared for our family during this time. One day when I can compose the words I will write more, but know that each one of you is a gift and a treasure!

Hug your family tight today!


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  1. Parker is such a cutie! We will be praying for his recovery. Your girls are all beautiful, I am sure Parker has lots of 'moms', I know Miss Maggie does! But I know she loves her big sisters like crazy and am already worried how she is going to handle them starting school next week!


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