Friday, October 1, 2010


Day One of 31 day post...I have been documenting so much lately and making a "new Mom" handbook or maybe a better title would be "Things I wish I knew sooner.."

The facts are there, DS is a neurodegenerative disease. A dx of DS DOES mean at some point the presence of that extra 21st chromosome WILL appear and the results will lead to early alzheimer's. DO the research, ask your Dr., even the mainstream medical Drs agree. While no one knows when it will appear, there are things one can do from a nutritional supplementation. I recently learned about Tumeric/Curcumin and Parker is now on that supplement as well. Interestingly enough it might be of interest to the general population as well. Below is some info from Dr. Mercola. Check him out, he's a wealth of good info. By the way, he's not my only source... While I know that integrated medicine is in its infancy stages, I also know that Biblically we had these guidelines in the Old Testament. While there may not be 100% proof, the evidence is compelling enough. Besides, when it makes you feel better, what is the cost?

"..Meanwhile, turmeric appears to be highly protective against neurodegenerative diseases. In fact, in India levels of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s are very low, and studies have shown that curcumin can slow the progression of Alzheimer’s in mice. The compound has also proven capable of blocking the progression of multiple sclerosis.

Further, Professor Moolky Nagabhushan from the Loyola University Medical Center, Chicago, IL, who has been studying turmeric for the last 20 years, believes that turmeric can protect against harmful environmental chemicals, and in so doing protect against childhood leukemia. The research showed that curcumin in turmeric can:[7]

•Inhibit the toxicity of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) (cancer-causing chemicals in the environment)
•Inhibit radiation-induced chromosome damage
•Prevent the formation of harmful heterocyclic amines and nitroso compounds, which may result in the body when eating certain processed foods, such as processed meat products
•Irreversibly inhibit the multiplication of leukemia cells in a cell culture

Turmeric's volatile oils also have external anti-bacterial action. As such, they may help prevent bacterial wound infections and accelerate wound healing. Johnson & Johnson even sells a curcumin-containing Band-Aid in India!

And the therapeutic potential of turmeric and curcumin do not end there. Evidence suggests the spice may also be beneficial for:

•Cystic fibrosis
•Type 2 diabetes
•Crohn’s disease
•Rheumatoid arthritis

•Muscle regeneration
•Inflammatory bowel disease"

Too read the whole article...


  1. the thing I've read about curcumin is that it is not easily absorbed unless taken with fat or a certain brand of curcumin is better than others. Thoughts? What brand do you give Parker.

  2. we are using Longvida Curcumin which I buy from Nutrivene D. I spent 1.5 hours with them this week. call and talk to Rob if you have questions..he is a wealth of good info (his daughter has DS). We give Parker 1/4 tsp at night. Be stains EVERYTHING (fingers too, LOL). XO

  3. I heard something about tumeric/curcumin on GMA last week. It got my attention because my mom has MS. Thank you for the reference info. I will definitely research it and may have some questions for you later!

  4. mlfont that websites curcumin costs more than three times the price of and its the exact same thing. what do you mix the powder with? I tried coconut milk for our daughter.

  5. I honestly haven't looked for cheaper brands, I try to order all P's supplements from one place to save on shipping costs. We mix it in So Delicious vanilla coconut yogurt. Hides the taste, but be stains everything! I will have to look into the other sites and ask nutrivene the difference - thanks!


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