Friday, October 8, 2010

The Thyroid

in a nutshell, it is everywhere and it affects everything! Thyroid disease plays a major role in just about every function in one's body. It is no different in the child with DS. In fact, hypothyroidism is a condition that is MORE common in children with Down syndrome. Consider these facts from Mary Shomon AKA the thyroid "guru"

"Hypothyroidism is typically diagnosed by a combination of blood tests (including TSH, Free T4, Free T3, and thyroid antibodies), clinical examination, and evaluation of the symptoms. The clinical exam looks for slowed reflexes, enlarged neck, puffiness in the face, swelling in the hands and feet, and other symptoms of hypothyroidism. Some key risk factors for hypothyroidism include a personal or family history or thyroid or autoimmune disease, recent pregnancy, female gender, and Down syndrome, among others. Symptoms and risk factors in addition to Down syndrome in infants include:
infant drinks soy formula
infant has family members with thyroid or autoimmune disorder
infant has puffy face or swollen tongue
infant has horse cry
infant has cold extreme ties
infant has mottled skin
infant has low muscle tone
infant is not eating well
infant has course hair that goes low on forehead
infant has large soft spot
infant has prolonged jaundice
infant has herniated bellybutton
infant is lethargic
infant sleeps most of time
infant seems tired even while awake
infant has persistent constipation
infant is bloated or full to the touch
infant has little to no growth

So, seems easy to address, right? Problem is most Dr's don't treat the thyroid if it falls within "normal" range. We parents don't ask for copies of labs so we can read them ourselves and do the research and ask questions. The "normal" range isn't normal and quite frankly the studies show when TSH is over 4 it should be treated.

Take the time to do the research and see a specialist. It is too important to take the lab at face value.

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