Monday, October 4, 2010

Changing Minds Protocol/Make a donation!

I realize many that read this will disagree and I respect those who feel differently about "changing" our kids that are born with DS. I struggled too when I first researched the protocol (not with the supplements, but the gingko gave me pause and the RX gave me more pause). Know that it took lots of prayer and conversation to get me to the place of comfort. BUT, I wish I had come to this place WAY sooner in my journey. I had to accept the brutal true that DS is a degenerative disease and that the very presence of that extra chromosome in every cell of their bodies reeks havoc. I'm just not comfortable letting that time bomb tick away. As far as "changing" his personality, I totally disagree. He is able to concentrate, make memories, and learn. Are we supposed to deny our kids that? I don't think so. I think we are called to help our children in any way possible. My goal is to give him freedom and independence. Here is what I know, if something could HELP your child, why would you deny them that? For example, Parker was born with a heart defect. Did we think twice about repairing it? Certainly not. Without repair he would have died at some point. Maybe it isn't so black or white, but here is another oldest son needed braces. His teeth were not straight. So, are we to leave his teeth crooked? Just because God made him that way? I don't think so. We of course straightened his teeth! I know many will argue their kids are doing great (I felt the same), but ask yourself many older children and adults with DS are doing well? I know there are about 10 mentioned all the time in the mainstream DS community, what happened to the other 300,000 or so? Here's food for thought, what not try it out and see what happens? You can always quit if it causes problems...

Please consider making a donation to help fund research. After all, it is Down syndrome awareness month!

PS, pictures show, this is what happens when the girls are away...Parker is taken with the American Girl dolls :)

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