Saturday, October 2, 2010

Recommended Reading

When we first found out about Parker's dx we did what most normal folks would..we went into research mode...I will address internet sources another, I will focus on books. I searched high and low, went to every bookstore know to man and bought every book I could find. The DS Houston chapter sent me a book too. What I found was these were the MOST depressing, unhelpful books. Even "Gifts" that has beautiful, touching stories about families with DS kids wasn't enough. I wasn't ready to read these stories, I cried through most of them. Babies with Down Syndrome which is touted as "the" book left me depressed and confused. It took me almost ONE YEAR to find the three I am about to recommend...I am still reading and re-reading these books, but I think they should be required reading for every new family. See if you don't agree...

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