Wednesday, June 9, 2010


FINALLY some progress!! This is video from Saturday, I waited to publish in case it was a "fluke", but now Parker will creep/crawl across the floor. Still working on all 4's crawling, but thankful for this milestone! Forgive the cheesy the faces and grunts he makes working HARD! I credit this accomplishment to NACD crawl boot camp, a fantastic new OT, a dedicated Grandma that works Parker out when I can't stand to do it "one more time" and most importantly LOTS of prayer!

ETA: for some reason blogger doesn't like my video..let's try this again with a shorter clip. Forgive the messy house and the ironing :)


  1. Where's the video? I want to see! Good job Parker!!

  2. Oh my word. That second pic is too cute for words! :) WTG, Parker!

  3. hi

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  4. FINALLY success on the video!!!! I only had to redo 10 times, LOL

  5. I love the faces. Is he giving you the eye in the third one?



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