Friday, June 11, 2010


was an anniversary of year ago, on June 10th(one day after our oldest son's birthday) we got the news that Parker did indeed have DS. Yesterday didn't comsume me, it was busy (what else is new?) and while I thought about the year throughout the day I felt a sense of peace. Very different than I felt last year. Not a single tear was shed. A major improvement. I still have fears. Lately my fear is that this last year was the easiest (how can that be possible?) and that now things get more difficult. I find myself studying people as we are out in public. I wonder, "do they know?" when they comment on Parker and how precious he is..will they start to treat us "differently" when he gets older and his DS is more obvious? What I keep coming back to is that God is faithful and God has a plan. I am learning that people will watch our reactions and based on our responses they will act accordingly. I know there will be up days and down days, but please remind me of that when I fall short and wallow in self-pity. Or as I say to a friend, please "kick my butt" when the pity party starts. Mike and I will continue to praise God for the gift of Parker's life, celebrate his life, and enjoy the journey, looking for the things that God is revealing to us in Parker's life!




  1. Owen turned one recently and I still find myself having a pity party from time to time, it comes on mostly when I have been out in public, I am still getting used to what I call the "celebrity status" - the double takes. And as our boys move into their second year I am aware of the fact that their slower development will become more obvious and that brings back some of the sting of diagnosis. Thanks for a great honest post !

  2. I will be praying health over your household as you prepare for Parker's surgery... praying for strength and God's eyes to see.

    Do you know Andrea at Arise to Write? Her nephew was just diagnosed with DS. We've been praying for Amden and his parents. Anyway, just reading this, I know you will be a great encouragement to other parents walking in your shoes.

    Many blessings, lisa


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