Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just another day

just another day of crawling boot camp at our between therapy, running siblings back and forth to camp, swim practice and baseball we cross crawl 40, yes, 40 times a day! We all have tougher knees than we used to..don't be surprised if you come visit and we are all down on all fours like animals! This week we talked to the nutritionist and guess what? Our mostly healthy eating still needs some major modifications. I am now more familiar with goat's milk, seeds (hemp, flax, pumpkin, you name it..) than I ever thought possible. I am now on the search for a vitamix and a champion juicer. Children with DS are prone to celiac disease, thyroid issues, and a host of other vitamin deficiencies, so we are committed to food that makes Parker "fit for life." It does make a difference, dairy despite doing a number in the intestinal track can thicken mucus secretions which in turn causes ear issues and/or worse..articulation issues for speech. I never was a big fan of cow's milk anyways. Good thing my other kids aren't big milk drinkers, LOL. The goat's milk is an acquired taste. I need more hours in the day to spend time researching all this stuff, forgive me if your call or email goes unanswered, keeping up is becoming a difficult task these days! We have started the countdown for surgery, so Parker is sequestered (as best we can) and quarantine has begun. The thought of postponing any longer(as much as I want to forget the whole thing) brings me to the brink of a nervous breakdown... On a high note, Taylor's All Star team won their first game, 12-0. Go Red Raiders!

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  1. Goat's milk IS an acquired taste. It was in our fridge for a few years, too thanks to some suspected lactose issues. Now Soy reigns supreme. (Another acquired taste)

    Let me know where you find a good blender. Vallone told me that Waring is the best. "You'll pass it down to your grandkids." ;)

    Thinking of you during your countdown.


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