Monday, June 21, 2010

Baseball, Baseball, and More Baseball!

The last few days have been all about baseball and swimming (what else is new you ask?) Taylor's team is in the heat of All Star play. We are 3-0, playing again tomorrow night. The Red Raiders fan club is happy to support the team..even if the littlest team member does so from home (or when he's snuck out by his Dad when his unsuspecting Mom is at home resting...) So, for all you baseball fans that got a quick glance at my boy...thank you for looking from a far :)

Yesterday was the beginning of 30 day countdown...I find myself at night thinking of what that first evening will be like...knowing all I will want to do is hold my baby in my prayer (among a million other things) is he will move from ICU quickly so I can hold him close. I'm practicing stroking his arms and face pretending he is in recovery "mode" he seems to like it, but I know he prefers the neck snuggle!! He knows "hug" and when prompted he is happy to oblige. I remind myself, only a moment in time, God will be holding him close when we can't!

Did I metion Parker likes to pull hair and hairbows? He and Madeline have such fun together. She can get the biggest belly laughs out of Parker...does one good to hear them play..even the worst day melts away when you watch the two of them together laughing and screaming back and forth at each other!

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