Sunday, August 15, 2010


There is a new model in town...a rite of passage for all kids..Parker has now learned the art of "dishwashing." I remember how Taylor loved the day I turned around and there he was sitting inside grabbing dirty utensils and licking them to his heart's content! I didn't allow Parker to go that far..he did crawl in and remove a plate, but I took him out quickly, I don't trust him on anything these days with height these days..can't risk a blow to the chest! He's taken to pulling up and climbing on everything. He heads straight for the stairs when set down in the living room and so far has only been able to "shimme" his way up to reach things on higher steps. He will pull to stand on the steps, but hasn't quite figured out how to climb them, but it seems to be right around the corner. I am in denial about stair gates. I finally had my stair rail fixed, oh well... He can't stand alone, without holding onto something, but he sure is trying. It makes him so mad when he tries and down he falls! The other new "favorite" is to play in the cat food. Parker loves picking up the cat food pieces and eating them - GROSS, but great fine motor work!!! Our cat eats food that is a small round circle, really small and hard to pick up!!! He's made a lot of improvement in this area..this week he's self-feeding watermelon, bananas, peas, mandarin oranges, and almost all of it makes it to his mouth! We've been working with his socks (holes cut out for forefinger and thumb only) during the day with cheerios and uncooked pasta as well as peg board puzzles and it seems to be helping! Still playing games with the straw, but we keep trying.

Parker is even more vocal than usual too. He's making all kinds of new sounds and has some new words, (banana, diaper) and lately he's been laughing when playing with his toys alone. It is the funniest thing to hear him in his play area laughing hysterically!
No Drs appointments this week, the following Wednesday we see the Cardiologist again. The incision is doing well, the bump...well, it certainly is a bump..I am told by the experienced Moms it goes away with time. With more chest muscle development and growth it protrudes less. Still trying to get my arms around that one, but am praising God for his goodness and trying not to stress about a "minor cosmetic issue" as my Cardiologist put it.

School starts tomorrow for the kids; to bed early for all!


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