Saturday, November 21, 2009

Trust and Obey..

Mallory learned an old hymn this week at school and I have found myself singing it all week..

"Trust and Obey

because there is no better way

to be happy in Jesus

than to Trust and Obey"

Simple words, but great reminder! Parker had a terrific visit to the Cardio Dr Friday. He "passed " all his tests with flying colors..BP excellent! pulse/ox 97%!color, beautiful!weight gain strong (14lbs 4ozs ,naked so no cheating), and his xray looked great. Heart not swollen nor signs of pulmonary distress (leakage from heart). She showed me the areas on the xray where we can see some slight leakage, but it is minimal. Heart size is normal too. Amazingly she said we might even wait until he is 2 years(WHAT?) rather than next summer although if he has any more leakage showing we may proceed next summer. We could even wait longer, but as she said we want to have surgery before Parker would develop a "fear" of the surgery. Before age 2 they may have stranger anxiety, but they don't know what is happening. I asked 1million questions again about "why" change of plans, why wait, etc...and she patiently answered them. Parker is very "fortunate" in that his AV canal defect in the VSD has a very small hole. The VSD component is what dictates the timing of surgery since it can cause pulmonary damage from the leakage of blood to the lungs. Kids with this defect don't usually have small holes, they are usually quite large which is why they are 4-6m when they have surgery. I asked again if this could "fix" itself, but was again reminded that his anatomy only has one mitral valve and it needs two. I feel at peace although there is a part of me that wishes it was behind me. Funny to sound "jealous" if that is the right word? of my friends who are already through the surgery! I love you girls so much please don't take that the wrong way :) I want to be on the other side, but also know we want the best outcome, so...we will "trust and obey!" She remarked at how strong he is and how strong his tone is. Parker is bearing weight very well on his legs and trying to sit independently. I like when the Dr comments that way! She was amazed really, she said "just like a typical baby!" She said we are blessed and she is correct!! So, we don't see her again until end of March and know more about surgery then. I left with her commenting that this summer is probably better and I am sure we would feel better with it behind us too, but we wait on God's timing. We go next week for another Synagis shot, then to Parker's 6mo well baby w/Pedi the following week. Parker is 50% on the Ds growth chart in weight and height. Nice place to be I think! I hadn't seen that chart in awhile and it was interesting to see. She also said that his weight gain may start to slow so not to panic, he probably won't gain as quickly as he gets older since he is almost 6months. A relief since I always panic if he isn't hungry one day :)
Looking forward to a week off with the kids and Thanksgiving with family. Not looking forward to grocery shopping, but maybe midnight is the time to go?
Count your blessings one by one!
PS. check out his hair!! Love the shirt with "bad hair day" :)


  1. It is all in God's timing and if next year is best than so it must be. He looks wonderful! Glad you had a great appt.!!

  2. Hi Laura,

    I found your blog through the LLS site.. I am new there and wanted to say hello. I have been reading through your blog and I just wanted to say that you have a beautiful family and you are such an inspiration! You are an amazing mother and I will keep you and your family in my prayers!! Adrienne took the words right out of my mouth, I was also going to say that everything will unfold the way it is supposed to in God's time.

    Hang in there, I will be following your story!!


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