Monday, July 20, 2009

Praise Report!

A brief post since dinner needs to be started and work needs to be finished....The week is off to a terrific start!!! Took Parker to his 8 week pediatrician visit and he's 10 lbs 5.5 ozs!!!! YEE-HA! (that's YEAH for the non-Texans) The cardio Dr said they want him to gain 1 ozs a day, so he is ahead again! His cardio visit is Wed. and I was anxious to see how he'd come along. I now have a stomach ache every time I get in the car to drive to a Dr. visit. I can feel my heart in my throat when they examine Parker and I watch every move the Dr's make as they examine him. I am paranoid they will "find" something else, so I needed this today!

Dr. said he is doing terrific, all developmental milestones are right on target for a child that does NOT have Down syndrome. He's already rolling over (front to back), working on back to front, can hold his head up well, tracking well with his eyes, has discovered his hands, was generally active all over with his legs and arms (so much that he commented, "is he always this active?"), and even is giving us a few "coos"! Mike and I see this as a true blessing! We continue to pray for "high functioning" and God is faithful we know! It is amazing how we never even worried about these milestones with our other children and now we worry ourselves about the smallest of things. We had a nice weekend as a family at the swim meet (despite the heat and the driving distance) and it felt so "normal." We are grateful for those moments and continue to pray that there will be many more days like these!

We feel joyful and strong, more confident today that this new journey may be something we CAN handle. We are thankful for this small blessing and know that it is the result of all of your prayers and God's faithfulness. Keep praying, your prayers for our family are precious! We look forward to Wednesday's visit with the Cardio Dr and another excellent report! Be praying for more of the same and no medicines, please!


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