Monday, July 27, 2009

From the Mouth of Babes..

I am amazed at how God speaks to us at just the right time addressing the very thing we think we have hidden so well in the deepest place of our soul...this is a warning..this is going to sound harsh and selfish, so please no comments about my insensitivity !! I have been wrestling with so many things on this new journey with Parker, but one I have yet to utter out loud to anyone but my own Mother is that I don't want him to "look" like he has Down syndrome. There, I have said it "outloud" for all the world to know. I realize it is selfish, politically incorrect, and ALL of those things. I continue to pray that the Lord will answer my prayers and/or that he will answer them by healing my grief over this issue. As I was feeding Parker Saturday afternoon our 7 year old came into the bedroom and started this conversation..

"Mom, do you know what it means to be a true princess?"
"No, Mallory, what does it mean to be a true princess?"
"Well, man looks at the outside, but Jesus looks at the inside. While we look at the pretty, fancy clothes and beautiful faces, God only looks at what is inside your heart. He doesn't care if your clothes are ripped, what you look like, or if you have any money."

She then happily went on her way outside to swim in the pool as I sat there realizing the truth of the words we have always taught our kids. Leave it to the Lord to talk to me through my 7 year old...what is more amazing to me is that she doesn't realize how truly beautiful she is. She is completely unaware and innocent. She loves unconditionally at all times. She has the most gorgeous hair, joyful smile and eyes, but she truly is a beautiful person on the inside. She honestly looks at the inside of people not the outside and has the most kind, compassionate loving heart. She is always concerned about others first and never wants anyone to feel bad or be hurt,etc.. She is quick to give something to someone else even if she really wants it. It is amazing what we can learn through our children. Children truly are a gift from God. Thank you Lord for my children, I am truly blessed!


  1. And every now and again, you know you raise them well... :)

  2. you've got an amazing little girl there. 1st Samuel 16:7:) I know how you feel.

  3. What a special girl you have there and a special, stop you in your tracks story. I'm glad I found my way to your blog this AM and read this entry. Bless your family!


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