Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2 for 2!

2 for 2 this week! Parker had a terrific visit to the Cardio Dr today. She was so thrilled with his progress! No medicine for Parker, AND, we get to wait until end of August to see her again rather than in 2 weeks! In fact, had we not been working on an October surgery date, we would have gone 2 MONTHS until we saw her again! His pulse was 55 and oxygen 97%, weight gain was the same as Monday, 10 lbs 5 ozs, Dr. was shocked! She wondered why I was not more ecstatic, I had to confess I already knew his weight since he was at the Pedi on Monday! Guess whatever I am eating is doing the trick, great excuse to keep eating desert and not revert back to my normal diet just yet! :) The frequency of his feedings during the day are every 2-3 hours and while tiring, worth every minute when we get such great news! We aren't supplementing him at all and both Drs. saw no need. We talked briefly about what would happen in the next few months, a sedated echocardiogram before the surgery at which point we will meet the surgeon and have our consult at the same time. I am nervous about the sedated echo, but she said it is quick and they only sleep for about 20 minutes. I will have to research this some more as we get closer. I also learned that the RSV shots, synagis, costs about $8,000. They started on the insurance approval process already. Parker will have to have the shots beginning in September until end of flu season every month. It is critical for kids with heart conditions. After his heart is repaired we will continue the shots this season, but then it isn't necessary. Still on target for October surgery.

The focus today was on celebration though...our lives gradually become brighter! A great week with so much to be thankful for! God is good ALL the time! Please continue to pray for Parker's weight gain, his continued development physically, and his overall health.

Be blessed! Lara


  1. So glad that Parker is doing well and really gaining well too! The sedated echo was not bad although I think they are asleep longer than 20- atleast I know Bennett was- they just really wanted to get all the pictures they could before they go in an operate. But he woke right up and was fine after so it's not as bad as I was anticipating.

  2. Great news!!! And what a cute pic, no more newborn here - he's a big ol' infant now.



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