Monday, September 5, 2011

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

Fall started with a cold front...ha-ha, we left the record heat of 106 to have low-mid 90's this long weekend, but honestly it DOES feel cooler!!!  Not ready to break out the fall clothes anytime soon, but today is a good day to reflect on the summer!  It has been a busy one, long gone are the "lazy, hazy, days of summer," I find myself a bit reflective wondering how maybe next summer we can capture those? It was a summer of baseball, theater (Madeline was in Wizard of Oz and summer plays, Annie and Willy Wonka), gymnastics, sleep away from home church camp (Mallory for the first time), and Parker made so many gains.  He turned 2 end of May, has now been walking for 7 months (he runs everywhere) and speech continues to come along(not nearly fast enough for me, but I'm working on that).  He never slows unless he is sleeping and we are all thankful he still takes a nap at this point!  Last week at therapy he shocked the OT, my mom was packing up, he grabbed the bag, and said "eat banana."  The proceeded to get the banana out and eat it.  We take this speech for granted, she was so thrilled. Not only was it a couplet, it was used at the proper time and in proper form, go figure this is a big deal?  The other thing he continues to do is know how to follow instruction, we tell him to "throw it in the trash," he goes to throw it away.  Unfortunately he likes to "throw it in trash," so better watch what is laying around (if it doesn't go there it goes in toilet to be flushed). He loves to blow bubbles and blow on his flute (SJR would be proud!) He will go to the back door, say "bubbles" and out we go.  He can use the stick to dip and blow no help needed. he has watched the girls hula hoop and loves to practice hooping himself. He continues to have excellent fine motor and feeding skills. Can use a fork and spoon to self feed (although messy) no issues and is coloring well by himself.  He can strap and unstrap himself in his carseat and highchair (not always the best skill for a 2 yr old in a moving vehicle). His new fascination is the door handle and the power window, good thing we have child locks!  He started preschool last week at our church preschool where all our other kids go (see my earlier post) and the other kids are almost a month into the new school year.  Having a 7th, 4th, and 2nd grader keeps my evening hours busy, homework takes a schedule as do keeping up with activities.  Not much time left to update the blog I'm afraid.  I do know this without certainty, our life has purpose, we have confidence in what we are doing to help Parker(and all the kids) succeed and it is working!  Medically speaking he is doing really well, no issues to speak of, his growth hormone results came back (he failed miserably, but we already knew that) growth hormone treatment started 11 days ago and he's already grown 1 inch!  He's physically strong, continues to be so healthy, no issues with sleep apnea or stomach problems (no ear infections, colds, etc..) and we are so grateful for God's goodness.  All his Drs are always amazed at his progress.  This is no easy task with his supplement, therapy schedule and neurodevelopmental plan for at home (aside from the countless Dr appts and other activities), but amazingly it seems routine.  I remember when we first started and it all seemed so overwhelming, not so anymore.  Guess one adjusts and when one sees results it becomes second nature.  Parker had his first haircut, amazingly as sparse as his hair is it has finally grown and needed a trim especially around the sides and back of neck. Sorry i missed the pictures of that, 4th child I'm afraid...He will start Little gym this week (one more place to run him ragged to try to tire him out, LOL) and who knows what else we will find to take part in.  Life is full, God is good, and we feel blessed beyond measure!  Some favorite pics from our summer that flew by!  XO

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  1. Congratulations on all your successes with your children. All of those day-to-day accomplishments seem to be adding up to one very well rounded Parker. :) Glad he's healthy and beating the odds that drs have set.


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