Friday, September 2, 2011

Parker's First day of School!

Yesterday was Parker's first day at school. He's going to our church preschool where all 3 of our other kids went. He's starting earlier than they did, but we decided 2 days a week would be good for him and Grandma needs a few hours to herself!  Parker is running everywhere (as evidenced by blurry pics), loving and living life to its fullest.  No tears were shed yesterday as he went to class, for some reason I was slightly apprehensive about this decision, but God always delivers even in the smallest of ways!  We made a big decision to keep Parker with typical peers rather than send him to a segregated school for kids w/DS.  I have had peace since we made our decision, but had a few moments of creeping doubt until school started today.  His teacher has a 21 year old brother with DS, no, we had NO idea!!  She made the point to mention that Parker would not be treated any differently than the "typical" kids, what a relief!  The Spanish teacher at preschool also has a son with DS, funny, in the years we've spent at the school that never came up.  God truly orchestrates things long before our knowledge.  We are overdue for an update on things, but I'm running late today, so pictures will have to suffice.  Full disclosure here, these pictures are from the end of school day, as you can see Parker is a typical boy, a "dirt magnet," but such a cute one if I say so myself!  Love to all!

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  1. so stinking cute!!! Hope he is enjoying school!


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