Monday, October 3, 2011

31 for 21 - Day 1..and no, I won't make 31 posts...

I'll never make 31 for 21 as evidenced by my lack of posting these days, but...I feel it IS important to be a part of "31 for 21!"  DS awareness month is October and our hope is that we can continue to encourage each other in our journey and meet new friends along this path of life!  A life full of richness and blessing!  Yes, it can be difficult, yes, it can seem unfair at times, but what 2 years has brought to our family has made us stronger and God's grace has been so evident!  Parker is a "typical" 2 year old, he's "in" to everything, never slows for a minute and is gaining new skills daily.  His vocabulary is up to about 40-45 understandable words (and a constant conversation all day long we don't always understand, but we shake our head and talk back smiling all the while). This week his new words are "grandpa" "keys,"and  "baseball"  very important at our house!  We are working on reading sight words and contemplating math next.  My Mom bought the dreaded "potty seat" although I must admit we haven't started that process just yet.  I've potty trained 3 kids already, not in a huge rush to start with #4..I'm secretly hoping that preschool will get him started, LOL. Parker has mastered the SRJ "horns and flutes" to everyone's dismay and can frequently be found directing the animals like the "pied piper"  25 blows sounded like a huge accomplishment when we first started, let's just say now the whistles just get louder...we are perfectly content with 5-10 blows...the party horns and harmonica type whistle are so shrill, not sure if those are meant to torture families?  Hard to capture him being still these days (unless he's sleeping), he's running everywhere, new favorite is walking on the curb like a balance beam outside..he thinks "chase" is the best game ever...anytime you are looking for a running buddy come on over! 

Lots of exciting research on the horizon, hoping this year during DS awareness month we can make a push to join together and fund some of these research dollars needed to help our kids.  They deserve to have the same freedoms and independence we all enjoy! Dancing and playing flute, oh so FUN!!!

Be blessed!

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