Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mother's Day

A belated post from Mother's of my favorite gifts are the kid's handmade drawings and stories of why they love their mother..Madeline gets center stage this year..she is 6 years old, look at my eyelashes!!! The paper flowers were a gift from Mallory, Parker had great fun with them although they were torn to shreds in a matter of moments!! We spent the weekend at a swim meet, but isn't that what being a Mom is all about? Spending time with your kids. What could be better? It was a great day, all three kids had ALL personal best swims (which never happens) and Parker was in his element watching the swimming.

We have a busy week ahead. Parker's echo on 5/19 to determine his surgery date definitively. On 5/20 we have Taylor's 5th grade program, on 5/21 the 5th grade luncheon, and of course 5/23, Parker's 1st birthday!!!
It is good to be a MOM!!!

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