Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Wikipedia definition: ....in Hebrew means a "joyous praise, to boast in God, or to act madly or foolishly."

Today is a "hallelujah!" day. Parker had an appointment with the ENT to have his hearing rechecked and to check for fluid (tympanagram). And, I am SO THRILLED to report, he passed!! Audiologist had a great report and she was fabulous. Highly skilled and thorough, willing to answer questions without rushing. Can't find those folks these days!!! Excellent report from the Dr., Parker's ears look great and although most children with Down syndrome have "small ear canals" his are not classifed "small." I guess "low set ears" do not mean "small ear canals"...For obvious reasons small ear canals cause lots of issues and the least of which is ear infections. Hearing clearly and properly is a critical piece for speech and language development, so we will be hyper-vigilent (not a word I am sure, but it is late) in being on top of this issue. Dr. went thru his standard "speech" if you will on all the potential risks Parker could have since he has that extra chromosome, but they weren't too frightening and his delivery wasn't offensive. I did feel sad when I had to check the "boxes" on the medical new patient forms, "Down syndrome and congenital heart disease." OUCH, first time those boxes have been there. Guess it gets easier with time, at least I didn't start crying..I will take that as a small step of progress! Hallelujah!!!

He was factual, but not alarming and wouldn't address my "what if" questions. Said we'd deal with them "if" they came up. I already knew if the kids have trouble with ears; course of treatment is tubes, then adnoids, then tonsils.. Interestingly enough he is another supporter of keeping the diet controlled. Weight can be a contributor to not only ear trouble, but sleep apnea. Geez, sleep apnea? add that one to the list....

This report is cause for Hallelujah! Now, I had no reason to suspect Parker had fluid or hearing trouble, but I have been disappointed so often I guess I now prepare for the worst at every new turn. I am full of joyful praise Lord! Thank you for your mercy and grace!

Pictures are pre-Mothers Day facepainting, "if you're happy and you know it.." and a proud big sister!!!




  1. What wonderful news! And seriously, could Parker get any cuter?



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