Friday, August 7, 2009


How timely these messages are to me, this week I was reading Rick Warren again and the message is on leaving a legacy to our children. In particular his comments on acceptance spoke to my heart.

"The gift of your acceptance: Everyone craves acceptance. It seems we never get enough. When you give your children the opportunity to be themselves and to become what God—not you—wants them to be, you give them a great legacy. The welcoming environment of acceptance is the atmosphere in which kids bloom. Jesus said, “Whoever welcomes a little child, welcomes me” (Luke 9:48 NLT)." This part seems especially convicting.."Even though they’re your children, acceptance is never automatic. You must be intentional in offering it and continual in showing it. " OUCH." One of the most important times is when a child does something that embarrasses you publicly. At that moment, you have a choice: Will I care more about how others see me or about the feelings of my child? We’ve all seen embarrassed parents in stores use angry, derogatory words with kids who didn’t realize what they were doing. An often-quoted research study noted that the single greatest factor determining whether a child succeeds in life or messes up is the presence and acceptance of a caring adult in his or her life. The amazing discovery was that it doesn’t have to be a parent! It just has to be someone who offers love, acceptance, and godly guidance."

Lord, help me accept all of my children and to teach them their uniqueness: created by you for your glory!

And of course a picture of Parker having "playtime," he loves to look in the mirror at himself and my two boys, Taylor, our oldest who gives me such pride and joy for his love for Parker!!!

Be blessed! Lara

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