Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Our favorite game...Parker LOVES to play "chase" with anyone whose up for the challenge. It can be pets or people, Parker isn't picky.. It started as crawling (round and round in circles all over the house) and has moved to push toys. The speed with which he goes is so fun to watch although radical on the hard woods, but we figure it helps with balance if nothing else. The pure joy and belly laughing that takes place during this time will cure any and all "ills." His therapist let us borrow one of her "walkers" she uses with him to practice at home. It is made so they don't have anything in front of them when walking, supposed to have arms resting on the siderails although you can see Parker uses it all different ways. I am sure I am violating one of the biggest ND "no-no's" here by using the walker some, but encouraging those feet to make steps has to count for something.

Mike and I just returned from a fantastic adult only trip to Grand Cayman. Snorkeling, swimming with stingrays, sun and fun. The last few months have had so many trips for us and we feel so blessed. This rest of this year may be long, we have gotten used to a few trips a month!

I signed Parker up for preschool last week, we are thinking 2 days a week at the church preschool starting in the fall might do everyone some good. I had to swallow my pride, they want to put him in a class with kids about 6months or so younger. My initial reaction to this is always "NO," but he is so small everyone worries about him getting hurt. So, for now, I will pray for peace about it and pray that over the summer he has some kind of amazing growth spurt. HA! For some reason this seems like admitting "failure" if that makes sense? Clearly he's behind (he's not walking for goodness sake and he's 20months!), but it just seems more "real" if that makes sense when school starts coming. I know we have years to fight this fight, but I was hoping it wouldn't start this soon. But, I know God has a plan and I have to trust in him!


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