Monday, October 5, 2009

Surgery Postponed..stay miracle!

We are back from our week long trip to Disney World and had a busy day at Texas Childrens Hospital! Today Parker had his sedated echo and then we met his surgeon, Dr. Charles Fraser for our consult. The echo went smoothly, it was much better than we could have ever imagined. The nurses were great and Parker didn't have any issues. He woke up after 30 minutes and despite being groggy for a few hours after he had no adverse reactions. Mike and I were surprised when Dr. Fraser reviewed his echo and recommended delaying surgery. He explained to us that Parker's condition is not considered an immediate need for repair and since his AV canal defect is quite small his pulmonary function is not being compromised at this time. In fact, Parker is completely symptom free and the Dr. said based on what he saw on the echo he was not surprised. By delaying the surgery a few months Parker's heart tissues will continue to grow and make then easier to work with for the surgeon and decrease the possibility for leakage in the mitral valve (which can cause additional future surgeries). He consulted with our Cardiologist and she agreed with his recommendation. Now we do have to consider flu season and the risks Parker faces from any viral infection, but at this point the Drs. believe it is worth the extra time. Mike and I left feeling confident that it is the right decision. We did not get a definitive date and are waiting for follow up with our Cardiologist for next steps.

So, we know that this timing is in God's hands and we continue to trust in Him. We do have significant praise..our insurance changed Oct 1st and now all of Parker's TCH physicians are covered in-network. In addition all deductibles and expenses paid this year apply to our out of pocket max on our new plan, so we are close to meeting that already. God is good all the time!

More later, but for now off to bed with the little one..Disney was terrific, so many magical memories!

Be blessed! Lara


  1. Oh I'm missing Disney right now. Thats great that you can delay surgery a little. The bigger he is the smoother it will go. Yeah!

  2. Great news! Glad he is doing so well! Can't wait to hear about Disney!

  3. I am glad to hear things are going well for Parker and that's great to hear about the insurance change. Love the family picture at Disney, how fun!


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