Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Birthday Wish

tomorrow is my birthday...I'm not in the habit of asking for birthday gifts, but this year God placed it on my heart to "wish" for something very important! The third annual Changing Minds Butterfly Flutter By... is coming up on May 15, 2011. That day 1,000 Painted Lady Butterflies will be released for a beautiful mass flight. The transformation of the caterpillar and the butterfly to our children with Down syndrome is a wonderful representation that with treatment our children are experiencing the freedom from the limitations of Down syndrome. All funds go to expand awareness of the need for research to treat Down syndrome. There are some exciting clinical trials happening NOW, but the National Institutes of Health(NIH) says that we "are not concerned" about our children and they place their research dollars in other areas. The amount spent per child with DS is appalling, $24 per child with DS as opposed to $3000.00 per child in other areas. We are being passed over for critical research dollars because the NIH believes we just "don't care about helping our kids." To become an active voice for our children we have to become more vocal and raise funds for this very important investment in our children's future. We know more about the genetic makeup of Down syndrome than any other syndrome yet we are the furthest behind in helping our children. I have personally committed to raise $1,000.00 for this event.

Each butterfly is $21.00, you can make a donation online thru paypal by following this link, http://www.changingmindsfoundation.org/documents/fundraiser.html

or send a check to: Changing Minds Foundation 1714 Surrey Court Richmond, TX 77406

Please consider making a donation to help further Parker's future. Our goal is to give him the freedoms we all want and so richly deserve. It is possible for children with Down syndrome to achieve, we believe!

If you are in Houston, please come and join us at this wonderful family event. There will be lots of fellowship with other families and the release of the butterflies is something to be seen! God's creation taking flight!

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  1. Sounds AMAZING! I so wish I lived in Houston!


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