Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No wonder the days seem so short..

This post isn't to complain, nor is it to make people feel sorry for us...I keep feeling like I don't have a minute to myself and the days are over before they begin. So I sat down to figure out where I am going wrong...I'm in a quest to shed our lives of the unnecessary and be sure the priorities get completed each day. Here is a snapshot of the last two weeks, interestingly I could take any 2 weeks and they'd look the same..all of these appts are for Parker ONLY..

6 visits to therapy - 1 hour appts, 40-50 minute commute roundtrip
8 visits to Drs - specialists, pedi, holistic MDs, naturopaths, osteopath-average length of visit - 1.5 hours, again 40-50minute roundtrip commute on EACH visit
2 visits to nutritionists - 1.5 hour visits
1 feeding evaluation - 2 hour eval - 40 minute commute
1 trip to lab for bloodwork - 1 hour, at least 10 mile commute

Add in after school activities for the other three kids, practice, games, and homework and NO WONDER I get nothing done! Parker's ND program takes at least 1.5 each day, add in one nap, cooking dinner too...

Oh, and for the most part about 15% of these visits are covered by insurance. And the ones that are require me to spend at least an hour a day fighting to get reimbursed correctly. Which leaves very minimal time to get work done (double edged sword since all of this costs a LOT of $$) except for early hours and late evenings.

So, please forgive me if I don't respond to your calls or emails promptly or if I totally "flake out" sometimes. I know this is a BIG change as I always was on time (early even) and the first to respond. I love each and every one of you so much, but need your grace these days. Family has to come first(right after Christ) and meeting their needs is my top priority!

I'm posting this for other Moms experiencing the same things, know you aren't alone!

Sorry no pics this post either..no time for pics, promise next post, PICS!!!


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  1. Yowza! I had forgotten how crazy those early years are! I don't know how we Moms survive.

    All your hard work is paying off though--he's making great progress!


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