Thursday, January 13, 2011


we have had a busy week and an update is needed, but first and foremost..Parker took forward steps without assistance Monday!!! He's been side-stepping and walking with our assistance for what seems like forever and Monday at his neurodevelopmental 3 month eval he took 3 forward steps from chair to chair!! For the last week or so, every person I see says "he's almost walking!" While I still am wrestling with the "FINALLY" and reminding myself that all the cross pattern creeping is necessary and SO IMPORTANT, I can officially say that that "what if he never walks" that always sticks somewhere in the recess of my brain is gone. Now I'm obsessed with will he walk PROPERLY. Geez!

He has become the tornado toddler we all know and love. He's into everything, drawers, closets, bathrooms (unrolls and eats toilet paper when one is not looking). He's learned to go DOWN the stairs feet first as well. He is climbing on and off his riding toys and riding his cars using his feet to move them along the floor. Still pushing walking toys, but really his favorite thing is to get into anything and everything. He's started coloring and prefers the walls to paper. I guess I fooled myself into thinking he would NOT be typical in this manner, LOL. Everything goes into the mouth still, He's cutting two more teeth on the bottom and 4 molars at once. No teeth until 14 months and now look MOM!

Medically he's doing terrific, had a wonderful ENT visit Tuesday, Dr. wanted to know what I was doing different. Totally unsolicited. His speech is rapidly developing, we have lots of new words, and he's starting to put two words together (couplets!) So glad I bypassed signing. We made that decision early on and I can say for our family it was the best decision. Parker is required to tell us what he wants and he does! A few posts back I mentioned his lack of weight gain in 4+ months. In November Parker was dx with hypothyroidism. Again, no outward symptoms, but we put him on meds. Mike and I fly to Chicago Sat to see the specialist. Unfortunately, even in Houston, the pediatric endocrinologist's aren't the best. And none have the experience that the specialist in Chicago has. We've had the appt for 5+ months and are anxious to talk to him "live." My sense is Parker has had a growth spurt in these last two months, we shall see if it is thyroid related or if we have other issues to contend with.

For now, we are celebrating life and health. We head to Disney end of the month for a much needed family vacation. God is so good and we have lots to celebrate!


  1. YAY Parker!!!! That is so great!

  2. how great is that! I hope to meet him next week! Question: does he wear orthodics? Ethan just got fitted on Wed. Ethan was doing a lot of side stepping as well and I think it is because of the way his feet point out. Hopefully the sure-steps will improve Ethan's stepping and he'll take off running!Our boys need a playdate!


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