Monday, November 1, 2010

Spectacularly SPOOKY!

Next post will be a close to the 31 for 21, but for tonight...I must share the Halloween week...Parker sported his Halloween shirts all week...thank you Lil Sis Designs for the Batty tee, SOOO many compliments as always(forgive the food, most of these were taken after dinner and we are messy)! Parker playing "boo" or "peek" outside, fixing the trash bag (common problem in our house) or Taylor is teaching him to empty the trash at a young age..yes, his pants are wet since he dumped the cats food and water over and proceeded to bathe in it after trying to eat as much of it as he could... Sunday after church we went to the pumpkin patch to attempt pictures..lets just say I am very nervous about Sat's family picture this year..Sunday night Halloween..can I say I have the BEST husband around..who else would put on a Batman costume for his girls? Parker had to "warm up" to Batman. And my precious husband offered to let me stay home feet up, alone, with a glass of the end being with the family was way too tempting...these moments are fleeting as the kids grow up! Blessings to all!


  1. I simply had to comment because of all the cuteness of this post. I was just thinking how the first time I found your blog we were praying for Parker's surgery and now look at him!! He looks wonderful and is doing so much!! Love all the shirts and I am a big Lil Sis' fan but I must know where you got all the shirts with the kids names on them. Too cute!!!

  2. Denise - I am quite good at shopping, LOL! Here are the other makers...look forward to some turkey and Christmas pics to come! hugs to you guys!!!


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