Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Parker's First Easter (in pictures)

We had 4 days of Easter celebration, kids were out of school Friday and Monday; a nice long weekend that began with Grandparents Day at school last Thursday. I come to cherish those long weekends when we have time to breathe and have no activites!!!

First we went to visit the Easter bunny..notice no pictures...note to self 4 kids is too hard...dyed the eggs with Grandma and Grandpa....then we went to an Easter egg party at a friends..pinata, confetti eggs, and an egg hunt! Fun was had by all despite the heat (we went from breezy mid 70's to muggy 80's overnight) and Easter service/bruch on Sunday followed by an afternoon in the pool! Parker had his first basket which he promptly "dumped" and "wore" although he wasn't happy once it was on his head! Plastic Easter eggs abound all over the house, the girls have hid and re-hid the eggs over and over again (let's just hope we have all the candy out) and I am sure I will still find them under the couch at Christmas (our cat is equally taken with the eggs and loves "batting" them everywhere)!!

Sunday service was beautiful. As most of you know I am inspired by music and Sunday the praise and worship was like no other. Reminded me of the promise to come; praising Jesus in heaven with the angels! I continue to put my hope in the "unseen" and thank you Lord for the miracle of the resurrection!

God's blessings to all!


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  1. Oh my word! He is adorable! Love all your kids' Easter duds, too.


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