Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My First Blog Award!

Wow, I am first blog award passed along by Libby of Blessings and Glory!!!! Libby, I am honored to accept your award and humbled by your kind words. You continue to inspire me and the feeling is mutual (in a non-stalking way). I love that we are traveling this journey together and hope someday we can meet up. I know that God has great plans for our boys and he directed me to your blog when I did my first desperate search after finding out about Parker's diagnosis. I love searching your achieves...laughing, crying, but finding strength and hearing the Holy Spirit thru your words of wisdom. I aspire to be as eloquent as you and admire your strength as a Mom, wife, and friend. You are simply amazing! You remind of the Proverbs 31 woman, " a wife of noble character who can find? Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value..she gets up while it is still dark; she provides food for her family and portions for her servant girls..." I am thankful for you my sister in Christ!

Now onto the award!

The rules for this award are as follows:

Thank the person who passed this to you and link your award back to them (not sure how to do this, but...)

Pass it along to blogs that deserve this award and let them know they earned this award..

List 7 things about yourself..

1. I celebrated 17 years of wedded bliss to my husband on 2/20/2010. I am more in love with my husband than ever. He still makes my heart flutter, I love holding his hand or being held in his embrace. He loves me unconditionally and gives me grace way more than I give in return. He makes me a better person, he is selfless and always gives me time to indulge myself while he rarely has time for himself. He takes all 4 kids to the grocery store and never complains. He has grown more handsome with every year and I love every inch of him. He is the most wonderful father and his kids love him with every inch of their being. He is the "fun" parent and I love to see the kids eyes light up with their Dad. God answered my parent's prayers and gave me a precious gift! I love you babe, more than you will ever know. He is my better half!

2. I will be 40 on April 13th. I am having moments of anxiety of turning 40. I feel I have aged 10 years since Parker was born. The stress of this journey does show on my face despite my attempts to minimize it. I desperately want to run to Cabo to celebrate with my husband for a few days. I know this is a selfish indulgence, but still want to anyways. It is high season (read expensive) and I am high maintenance kind of gal (only the best will do). I am also a nursing mother whose precious son refuses to take a bottle (so not sure how 2 days away would even work).

3. I am much better at dealing with life in general when I run or work out daily. Being a competitive athlete who trained the majority of my life, working out isn't really a want it is a need. When I start to "fall apart" my husband always says, "please don't skip workouts. You always feel better after working out." He is of course right. Nothing like a good sweat to work the "blahs" out. I also function 100% better when I get enough sleep. Late night and early mornings do not make me a nice person.

4. As much as I love the Lord and know that being spiritually "plugged in daily" is the answer, I miss time in daily devotions. The devil loves to take hold of this and guilt me which usually makes me miss time alone with God even more. I confess this and know that one cannot hear from God when one isn't seeking Him. I am thankful we can't do anything to earn salvation that it is by grace and faith. Thank you my Lord and Savior for loving me and forgiving my failures.

5. My oldest son is graduating from 5th grade in May and I am emotional. I am so proud of the young man he is becoming, but I am struggling with the fact that these 6 years have flown by so quick. I am afraid of the times ahead when kids offer him drugs or tempt him with other things and pray constantly that he will stand firm in his faith and be a light to those around him. I love his innocence and the way we've protected him from worldly things. I love that he still wants his Mom and Dad to tuck him in bed at night, he wants to kiss his baby brother, and he doesn't mind if I hold his hand on public. I love all of my kids so much it hurts. I dream often of the people they will become and am so proud of them even when they are on my every, last, nerve!

6. I am scared of what our kids will feel and think when we have to tell him about Parker's surgery. I recognize that life happens and kids are more resilient than we give them credit for, but I am still afraid. I don't want them to worry and have a fear of life. Mallory already has an unusual fear of Drs and concern for medical "issues" that brings her to tears. My heart aches for her each time one of these episodes occurs. These episodes are so minor, xrays at dentist office, flu shot (nasal), you name it lately it triggers tears for no reason. I know God will give us the strength we need.

7. I love my friends and my family more than I ever have time to say. I don't call them often enough, sometimes "flake out" on them for no reason. I love that they stand by me when I am tired, irritable, and that they listen to my whining and complaining without judging me. My Mom and Dad do more than any parents ever could and I could never repay their tireless commitment to our family. I was blessed to be born into this family. Love you Mom and Dad. I love my little brother and wish he lived closer (LA is too far) because he is the best Uncle and my kids love him. Matthew, come visit again soon!!

I could write much more...I am passing this award along to my fellow bloggers below..ladies I love you all and am blessed to be a part of your families. You all encourage me so much! You all give me such strength and I find myself often running to your blogs searching for the "ok" or what to "do" when I have a question. Forgive me for "unplugging" often, I don't always have daily time to read blogs, but you are always in my heart and prayers...

Anticipating God's best for us all!!

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  1. A Proverbs 31 woman - now that is a compliment! {Boy do I have you fooled.} :) Thank you for your kind word Lara. I too feel so honored to be on this journey with so many other amazing women.



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