Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving, Santa, and SNOW?

I am WAY behind on Christmas this year, but I guess I have an excuse? I am hoping that by changing the blog background I am on my way!!! Parker has been to see Santa (see pic) now to get the "whole gang" together..what a trick that will be! 4 kids? Poor Santa! At least this year we will have no "screamers"..Parker was oblivious to the bearded Santa that strikes fear in the heart of small children! We have a "threat" of snow today (a rarity here) and the kids are praying God delivers! We went to the tree lighting at our town square last night, so all of this should get us on our way.
Today I was blessed by a friend. Her words were the Holy Spirit witnessing to my soul and I must share. She posted about the Drs writing "simple ears" as the marker that pointed them to her daughter being diagnosed with Ds and how it had always hurt her to hear that comment. She had some pictures done and the photographer focused on her child's hands, feet, and ears! This made her think more about these ears and God revealed this to her..
"You see we don’t have to have “fancy ears” or “special ears” or any certain kind of ears at all to hear God. We just have to have a heart that is willing to listen. He doesn’t care what our ears look like or what some doctor says about us…He just wants us to love Him and for us to want to get to know Him better. I really can’t think of anything that is more simple than doing that. "
As most of you know, Parker's one marker was "low set ears" which I must confess I resented hearing, reading, and even looking at Parker's ears. Mike and I kept asking, "what does that mean?" and still don't honestly understand it, but through the gift of a friend I now have a new perspective! I love when God sends His love in awesome and unique ways!
I am reminded that when God doesn't do what we want, it's not easy. But faith is the conviction that God knows more than we do about this life and HE will get us through!! Disappointment is cured by revamped expectations!!! Remember this story?
" A man went to the store searching for a singing parakeet. He was a bachelor and his house was too quiet. The store owner had just the bird for him, so the man bought it. The next day the man came home to a house full of music! He went to the cage to feed the bird and noticed for the first time the bird had one leg. He felt cheated that he'd been sold a one-legged bird, so he called the store owner to complain. "What did you want," the store owner replied, " a bird that can sing or a bird that can dance?"
"The ways of God are without fault." Psalm 18:30
Thank you my friend for giving me a revamped expectation!!!!


  1. Great post Lara! Love the pics of Parker and I love that toy he's sitting in, in the last picture-where did you get that!?

  2. Such a great post! So, very true. And I'm the Mama to a Parker too!

  3. Adrienne - it is GREAT! Seems easier than the Bumbo and Parker seems to enjoy it more. Has more to do :)
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